Formation of the State of Israel on May 15, 1948 in Palestine 64 years ago has invited major disaster in which the world witnessed the brutality of the Zionist regime from battle to battle instrument was the result of thousands of citizens killed, millions of refugees who left his own country confronted the problem of unemployment and of disability. There were also the children become orphans because of the loss of parents and the wife became a widow for the loss of her husband who died defending the Palestinian territory continues to be conquered and violated.

Suffering and misery of Palestinians suffered prolonged into a consciousness of Muslims to help.

Therefore, Aman Palestine as Palestinian Peace Initiative moving on three tracks, namely:
The sanctity of Jerusalem

Palestinian peace render aid, charity and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people continued to completion.


Aman Palestine began operating in late 2004 as an initiative to assist and channel contribution and the welfare and human rights of Palestinians. Palestinian peace continue to ensure every dollar donated by the people of Malaysia not only reach but also all of the aid can be useful in Palestine. On the 3rd. January 2006, registrations Aman Palestine was officially approved under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) in the name AMAN PALESTINE BERHAD as a non-profit (non-profit organization) to assist the Palestinian people collectively, planned, ongoing and effective. Since its inception, Aman Palestine was distributing aid in the form of projects to the Palestinian people in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria proceeds and donations from the public. It is hoped that the continuing concerns of the people of Malaysia in providing aid to give a ray of hope and help to alleviate the sufferings endured by the Palestinians.


Build awareness and consciousness in the heart of Muslims in Malaysia to help their brothers in Palestine as a community of brothers, and to non-Muslims as a sense of humanity that is not taken care of until now.


Building projects in various areas of Palestinian land to help them build the future and continue to live, as well as meet the immediate needs required.


Among the main objectives are:
Provide public awareness on issues of Palestine.
Obtain and to raise funds and provide assistance.
Relationship with human bodies in and outside the country.
Working with government bodies and NGOs.
Integrated planning activities.
Organizing a series of discussion forums.
Publish and distribute the materials of mass media.


To ensure that the objectives of the Palestinian Peace was achieved, the various programs and activities held either in Palestine or the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and the surrounding country. Among the activities that have been and will be conducted in a nutshell is as follows:
Construction of Orphanage Home of Palestine. This project is an effort to develop a home for orphans in Palestine or the Palestinians in their refugee camps.
Education Assistance Palestinian Students. Which provides educational assistance to the Palestinian students who are in Palestine and in their refugee camps.
Subsistence aid Palestinian orphans. This project aims to provide living assistance to Palestinian orphans living in poverty and misery.Until now, Aman Palestine arrange an orphan living in Palestine and Lebanon.
Poor Families Project Financing in Palestine.
Agriculture Project Self-Sufficiency in Nablus.
Breaking Fast project. Preparing food for breaking fast, refugees, orphans and the Palestinians.
Palestinian Medical Relief. Medical supplies in Palestine is not sufficient due to apartheid sanctions barring American and Jewish.Therefore, this project is important to provide medical supplies needed by the Palestinians.
Palestinian Adha Eid Qurban project. This project is to supply meat to refugees, orphans and the Palestinians during Eid Adha.
Help Day. Provide food and clothing needed by the refugees, orphans and the Palestinians to celebrate Hari Raya.
Ambulance Project for Young Clinic.
Project Activities Center Orphanage.

In addition to the activities and projects above, Aman Palestine also involved in projects such as the Single Parent Kafah, Puasat Project Training, Project Construction Quran Centre, School Development Project for the Children of Palestine refugees and orphans, Clothing Assistance Project Bag and Winter Clothing Project.


Palestinian peace a collaboration with government institutions, private institutions, corporations, schools, mosques, charities and non-governmental organizations (NGO's) in and outside the country to achieve its objectives.


Cooperation from all parties to attain this goal is holy and pure is greatly appreciated. Only reward from Allah Ta'ala and we deserve anything for the Palestinians who are in need of help, thank.

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